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Threads Handbook 2022

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The Day of Checklist

Display clothes and make sure all are tagged or priced according to your plan. Post price signs if that is part of your plan.
Display in prominent places and have smaller prints ready to hand out as they shop or at check out.
Use signs that connect the event to IJM.
Designate a clear “check out” space and person in charge of the sales.
If you will have people exchanging this role, make sure everyone knows when they are supposed to be there and how the payment process works.
If necessary, the appointed “check out” person will have the tablet or computer with the giving site up for your chapter (find your link here: ).
Post QR code signs if you are using that process.
Post on Instagram and tag @IJM! Promotion doesn’t stop before the event starts. As Threads is happening, share about it to continue to spread the word.

Make sure you review the guidelines and ideas for .

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