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Threads Handbook 2022

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Check Out/Collecting Donations

Here are the two main ways students collect money and facilitate check out at their Threads events.

Option 1: IJM’s Online Donation Form

IJM will provide you with a specific giving page for your school (which you can find here ).
Self Facilitated: With this method, students buy the clothes by placing the donation on their own phone and then showing you as they complete it to confirm. It’s easiest to print the QR code as a sign people can scan themselves. A benefit to this is that often their phones autofill some of their info on the donation page so it’s faster than using a different device.
Leader Facilitated: When someone is ready to check out, the Threads check out person will input the amount into the give form, and then hit “give this gift.”
At that point, the check out person will hand the computer or laptop over to the “customer” to add their payment info.
The best way to understand/explain this payment process is by comparing it to online shopping purchases. The check out process will have customers manually enter their card information, just like they would if they bought something off Amazon (except instead of going to Jeff Bezos, this way the proceeds are delivered to IJM and to the rescue and protection of vulnerable people.)

Option 2: Venmo

While IJM is working on a way to donate directly through Venmo or PayPal, it is not an option yet. However, sometimes students prefer using a familiar app that feels quick, easy and trusted.
Print the QR code as a sign people can scan themselves at check-out.
Whoever’s Venmo account is used would then use to submit the donations. Please email if you do this so we can make sure that those lump sums are attributed correctly.
With this option, it is especially important to have students fill out their name, email and phone number on a flyer so we can know who those donors are and help connect them more to IJM’s work. Here is a template for what that can look like:
Info cards - Together.docx
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To send in donations by check, mail to this address with a note that it is from Threads and from your campus.
International Justice Mission P.O. Box 96961 Washington, DC 20090-6961
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