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In my opinion, the moment of becoming matured is determined by experience, not by age. I will not claim myself to be mature at the age of 21. However, I am definitely progressive by exploring new things every day. Along the journey, I trust in my bravery and patience to welcome challenges as well as to accept failures. Actually, we can learn more from failure than from success. Interestingly, success is not my goal. I prefer enjoying myself in moments of falling and standing up again. I appreciate how I have worked hard to manifest my dream which is to become a motivational presenter. Although it may not be my full-time job, it is meaningful that I can create value for my surrounding people by sharing my thorough knowledge, by inspiring them with my stories. Most importantly, I will achieve my own happiness by observing those whom I love smile.

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Thời gian: Nộp bài trước 28/10/2023

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Do you believe that throwing a child.. Oh, it sounds violent 😅 Let me start over
Do you believe that letting a child swim at the moment he or she does not know how to swim is the most effective way to master swimming skill 😎
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you to do that to your children.
This question is not difficult, right? You might get your answer and so did I. However, there is not an absolute truth which also means that our answer may greatly differ from each other.
There’s nothing to debate about. More or less, we have witnessed some people acquiring competent swimming skill just after a few tries in the lake or the pool, but others don’t. That’s why I thought one’s potential is unique among the others. Swimming skill is indeed a simple example but it shows that the way different people acquire this skill varies. Therefore, with the assumption that swimming is their potential, then the process of unlocking it is disparate. Let me share some experiences that I gained from my mistake: We can learn from the others’ success but need to determine whether it is suitable or not, then try it wisely, do not imitate without any consideration. Secondly, as a parent, we should not force our children to walk on the path we drew but please just recommend it to them and then let them be responsible for their life. And in most of the cases, they will unlock the potential themselves, not by you, as a parent or anyone else.
Now, back to the aforementioned example, let’s imagine you are in the river alone, without any swimming experience before.. there would be some leading scenarios: You may lose your control and then your consciousness or you may move like a canoe to the river bank, get safe and then you become a pro swimmer for the rest of your life. What I want to point out is that the potential is only transformed into power, ability or skill when one experiences an emergency situation. Our example is the one that challenge human’s live. But what if, for instance, I have never been stuck in that survival situation, how can I develop my swimming skill? Actually, we still have a chance to discover this potential by practicing, or working hard, by prioritizing it as an indispensable urgent thing. But why did I use the phrase “have a chance” but not something with certainty. Well, the truth is we may pursue something for numerous years but our endeavor will never result in our competence, turns out from the beginning, we didn’t have potential for it. In that case, we need to let it go, re-observe the inner selves, listen to the soul and if that doesn’t help, attempt something else new. The more we experience, the more we know about ourselves.
I’m Le Nguyen Truong Huy. I have guessed one of my potential and I’m on the journey to discover it and to prove that I am right about my prediction. Thanks for your attention!

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Trainer: Kathy Uyên
Thời gian: 18h00 - 21h00 ngày 8 tháng 11 năm 2023
Địa điểm: Community Room - Thư viện Trường Đại Học FPT TP. HCM, Lô E2a-7, Đường D1 Khu Công nghệ cao, P. Long Thạnh Mỹ, TP. Thủ Đức, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
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Địa điểm: Tầng 6, Phòng 606 - Trường Đại Học FPT TP. HCM, Lô E2a-7, Đường D1 Khu Công nghệ cao, P. Long Thạnh Mỹ, TP. Thủ Đức, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
Dress code: Áo thun đen không logo
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Hình thức: Ghi hình trực tiếp bởi đội ngũ sản xuất của cuộc thi
Thời lượng: tối thiểu 3 phút và tối đa 5 phút
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💡Is age a deterrent for people to unlock their potential?
💡After unlocking a potential, can it last forever?
💡💡Along the journey of unlocking a potential, we may discover other potentials too
💡💡Can we relate a potential to something tangible?

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I think you should meet Kelvin, a young boy, had his first time playing football with his older neighbors. Obviously at the beginning, he didn’t know to control the ball when running, didn’t know how to shoot, he was mocked by his opponent team and even his teammates. But in the next few weeks, he trained himself so hard, regardless of the weather, the time, with incredible effort. Once he gained a victory, he immediately ran back to his house, with proud on the face, and said:
Hey mama, hey papa, I won the game. I demonstrated to all the critics that they were wrong about me.
However, both of the parents seem to disagree:
Please stop, you wasted your time. Not only that, you were likely to be hurted. Why did you need to compete with them? You tried to win for what? Finally remember, we wouldn’t be patient for any more.
Kelvin were hurted, of course not by the ball, it doesn’t matter to him, but by his parent’s words.
His story touched my heart. I still have been confused since today...
Imagining a life with a forbidden skill, power, dream gives me a tough feeling. This vision would be so dramatic. In this case, we just live a life to meet others’ expectation. If people don’t find their activities interesting, meaningful or worthy to do, they couldn’t help anything but break everything, leading to many other problems. This scenario will inevitably sink a person’s life into darkness.
Although I don’t have the right to step into Kelvin’s house and advise his parent, I still gave him my sincere advice after he desperately asked me a question: “Are playing football and becoming a football star really unacceptable?”. And implicitly: “Is unlocking one’s potential discouraged?”
Well, it’s hard to say, there should not be a direct yes or no. The funny truth is, there are numerous parents who follow and even be crazy about some football players but never take playing, learning football easy when it comes to their children. Those celebrities have their desirable life, they earn a good living from their talent, are respected and fascinated by thousands of people. I’m not trying to deter anyone from chasing professional career, I just hope that they will push your motivation, give you mental support so that you can stay strong inside the storm. Moreover, instead of trying to convince others of our future success, please first achieve it quietly (be persistent no matter how strong the storm is) then there would be no doubt about what we’ve done.
Therefore, the answer is NO (unlocking potential should be encouraged) but it depends on the surroundings. Today, let’s find a community where your talent is recognized, your contribution is appreciated. And also today, let’s find someone who can sympathize, be patient with your failure, respect your choice, congratulate you on your achievement and share in your emotion. If you still haven’t seen any of it, nurture your potential, make a plan for it. However, do not let it be in the corner for too long. Potential is like a house to certain extent. If you don’t unlock and step into it, when the time goes by, it will be degraded.
At the end of the day, my actual advice to Kelvin and to those who are struggling to freely unlock their potential is: Do not seek for the stereotype defined by anyone else, instead, seek for a space that fits you well and a world that welcomes you.
I’m Lê Nguyễn Trường Huy. Thank you for hearing me out.

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