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What are your opinions on Tiktok as a social network?


Hi, my name is Le Nguyen Truong Huy. I have recently used Tiktok after receiving a recommendation from my friend. And this recommendation is about a platform where people can enjoy short videos of various life aspects. After spending some time exploring, I would like to develop my argument that while Tiktok has some social features, including commenting and chatting, it is not considered an effective social network. Let me explain:
Meanwhile the real social network provides space for people to share their deep thoughts, feelings, emotions bidirectionally with their surrounding partners, Tiktok video, which is the most prominent feature, is primarily focused on short moments of amusement, joyfulness and perhaps news but they are not sufficiently informative and useful. Moreover, the actor, aka the creator, always try to showcase their talent with positive facial expression and body language, such as singing, dancing, story telling rather than what their actual feeling and thought were. For instance, even after a serious argument with family members, they might still face the camera with a shining smile to, for example, promote a Tiktok Shop product. We shouldn’t blame them because of the initial intention of the audience, when they see a sad face, they may skip that content to reach out to a more entertaining one. As can be seen, sorrow and depression are not spoken out as well as the true story, actual emotion are hidden, which will lead to the lack of understanding between people, the absence of effective communication and the reduced social interaction.
In conclusion, Tiktok is not a high-quality social network, not because this digital product is poorly created, but because it’s not an appropriate place for people to share their real-life stories.



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