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NEW Humane Standards

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Imaginary Aggressiveness

All problems surrounding our Social Behaviors, arise from the Fascination and Mental Illness which is called Antagonism (Isolation, Non-inclusive Individuality).
In Schools, Academic Institutions and then in the majority of Enterprises, Antagonism is being promoted not only as a Foundational Reality, but also as an integrated part of the Law and the Golden Grail of Success. This Behavior which is founded in Fear of Failure, promotes Aggressiveness as the means for Efficiency.
Antagonism is a Sadistic Attitude, which shows some short of results, but is also the cause of Poverty, Wars, Depression, Isolation, Bulling, Anxiety, Suicides, Addiction to Unhealthy Lifestyles and the Destruction of our Planet.
Only to watch most Companies advertise their Products and Services as One of a Kind, as Top on their Fields, but also as Forbes 500, and part of a Made-up Elite, while they all truly do more or less nothing different than the rest of them, makes you understand how Antagonism is a Fascination and not the Reality of what it means to be Human.
Still all these people are Our Family, as the poor, the uneducated, the unfortunate, whether seniors or young. In the end, there are no People other than Ourselves, the Humans — who have the Power and the Means to make things right for all of us.
Technology, Policies, Rituals, Protocols, Logic and Motivation are merely complimentary Projections of the Biomechanics and Functionality of the Human Body which is to be supported and acknowledged as our Principal form of Governance. This Achievement of Nature is never born a Criminal, an Addict, a Refugee, or a Poor being. The existence of these behaviors is a Problem surrounding the Distribution and Curation of our Attentiveness. This Attention of ours, which is born from our Experience and grows to our Intentions — has been the Center of All Conflict, since the beginning of humanity.


's study, A Bigger Prize, examines the perils and disadvantages of competition in (for example) biology, families, sport, education, commerce and the Soviet Union.


insisted that "the capitalist system fosters competition and egoism in all its members and thoroughly undermines all genuine forms of community".[42] It promotes a "climate of competitive egoism and individualism", with competition for jobs and competition between employees; Marx said competition between workers exceeds that demonstrated by company owners. He also points out that competition separates individuals from one another and while concentration of workers and development of better communication alleviate this, they are not a decision.

Mahatma Gandhi

speaks of egoistic competition. For him, such qualities glorified and/or left unbridled, can lead to violence, conflict, discord and destructiveness. For Gandhi, competition comes from the ego, and therefore society must be based on mutual love, cooperation and sacrifice for the well-being of humanity. In the society desired by Gandhi, each individual will cooperate and serve for the welfare of others and people will share each other's joys, sorrows and achievements as a norm of a social life. For him, in a non-violent society, competition does not have a place and this should become realized with more people making the personal choice to have fewer tendencies toward egoism and selfishness.

📕📐Practical Notes 📌

Our Attentiveness is that which we only need, so to help each other and live in Peace — World Peace!
The Truth, is that there is No such thing as Innovation, other than that which is founded in Mimesis (Replication). New approaches and application of more advanced practices can only Enhance what is already Possible because of the Humane Standards, while Genesis, or Creativity — matures and becomes Practical solely through Inheritance. People who grasp this — find Peace — right here, in this otherwise very Aggressive Environment, and get Liberated by this mental illness which is called Antagonism.
The Individuals and their Families are to be Fully Empowered and be Supported through Applied Ethics. These kinds of Ethics which are not a matter of Politics, Discussions, or Invented Laws, but of Humane Sensibility which is Prescribed by the Essential Nature of our Human Self.
Through Freedom and Peace, we — the People Rise to the Occasion that there are matters that need our utmost Attention in the Here and Now. We are all Biologically Equipped to Establish Humane Synagonism and Be here for each other.

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