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Task List


Review and Scheduled times to make sure the times work for you
You may only compete in one pattern
Watch this video if you are confused -
Review the to pick the event you want to compete in
you may only compete in one event
Review all the information in the card with the event you are competing in as some of the information is changed because it is online and at
If you do not you may not understand or qualify for an award
Fill out the
Sign up for the 3 rounds that you are competing in
Check out or look for your name in and join all the sessions linked next to your name
Note: If you fill out the sign-up form your information will not automatically go to so please wait a day or two
Example: If I was impromptu and competing in Pattern A I would go to and go to Pattern A, and then join all the 3 links attached to the Impromptu section of Pattern A
If you are competing in a prepared event (Solo Competitive Debate or Declamation) please make sure you have all the material you need done before the tournament
Good luck!


Join the , which will include the , , and
You must join all of the sessions in this series to win the “Badge Of Honor Award”
More information about awards are in
Review the which has all the materials and pieces of information you need to compete and do well

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