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(Majority of the information below should be a reminder)
The speeches and debates MUST be appropriate (no cursing, a good and calm attitude, polite, etc) (MUST FOLLOW ALL SCHOOLHOUSE POLICIES)
You should be 13+ to join and participate in a session
Must not speak or disrupt other speakers in rounds (unless in cross examination - but must be in a good manner)
Speech or debate event should follow all the information in the page (the structure of the events will be different than a normal/basic tournament)
If you do not show up to your session within 15 minutes of starting, you will be unable to present (unless you contacted a judge that you will be late)
Must follow the time directed for each event, if over the grace period the judges will ask you to stop your speech/debate
While speaking please turn on your camera (unless noted that you cannot) (speeches with cameras on might place better in awards since the judges can visualize hand gestures and facial expression)
Use words of encouragement after every one speaks!
If you have a question about anything, please direct message a judge
If any of the first 2 rules are broken, you will be disqualified from the tournament and your account will be suspended.
THE 3rd and 4th rule should be followed, and may result in disqualification

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