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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds are for each category
Every category will have the same number of rounds, 3
How will debate rounds work?
participants will be in the waiting room until it is their turn to compete
this eliminates using others information
Each rounds timing are listed in so you know how long it may be until your turn
While waiting, I suggest preparing and going over your speech
What if my opponent for a debate/spar does not show up?
A participant in the same room can volunteer to go twice, the time they volunteer to go will NOT count against or for them
How do the rooms and rounds work?
Every category will 3 rounds
Every category will have 2 rooms in which the same speakers present in
Each room per category will occur at different times
@Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR)
One room is hosted at ___ PST
While the other room is hosted at ___ PST
Each room will have 3 rounds with a 15 break between
Every participant within SPAR will be placed into one room which they will be in for all the rounds
Will there be a final rounds for the best speeches/debates
No, only the base 3 rounds
Can you enter in two rounds going on at the same time (double entered)?
Can you read a pre-written or already finished speech in categories that are NOT OI?
is the only one that you can read a pre-written speech by an author other than yourself (Note: Declamation needs to be written by another author) (Note: This does NOT refer to debate)
Do speaker points matter?
Yes, speaker points are based off of how well a participant gives their speech/debate (from a scale of 1-100 speaker points will vary)(there will also be an
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for top speaker points)
Do I have to prepare for both sides of the debate?
YES, this is a requirement as you do not know what round you will be placed on (affirmative vs negation) until the beginning of your round
Can you time yourself?
Yes, but judges will also time
Will you get feedback at the end?
Yes, through the feedback option built into schoolhouse.world
Do I have to cite my sources used
Yes, you will get points deducted if you did not cite (you do not need a url, just an author’s name or website and title) (Should only be in prepared events that require it)

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
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