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The Who A-Player Hiring Guide

A guide to solving your #1 problem: who to hire. Based on the popular books Who (Smart) & Work Rules! (Bock).
The most important decisions that business people make are not what decisions but who decisions. -Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

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About this Doc

The purpose of this doc is to help you:
Hire A Team Players using the ghSMART method. An A Player is a candidate who has at least a 90 percent chance of achieving a set of outcomes that only the top 10 percent of possible candidates could achieve.
Make clear what is needed in the job you want to fill
Increase the flow of A candidates
Increase your confidence in hiring the right person
Avoid losing the candidates you really want to join your team

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Inspiration for this doc

We dissected the following two books and distilled the information in a simple, easy-to-navigate Coda doc
Book #1:
(Smart & Street)
Book #2: (Bock)

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