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1. Scorecard

Scorecard - Blueprint for Success
Hiring is situational, no situation is entirely replicable. You are going to need different types of leaders at different phases of the organization. - Neville Isdell, chairman and former CEO of Coca Cola. -Who
Get the best referrals by being excruciatingly specific in describing what you are looking for. - Work Rules

Step 1: Write the role's mission statements

Success comes from having the right person in the right job at the right time with the right skill set for the business problem that exists. - Nick Chabraja, CEO of General Dynamics
This is the essence of the job. It is an executive summary of the job's core purpose. It boils down to its essence so everybody understands why you need to hire someone into the slot. Write in simple, plain English. Don't hire the generalist, hire the specialist. Look for narrow, deep competencies.
Write the job's mission statement here 👇
[mission statement]

Step 2: List role outcomes

Define what must get done. Typically 3 to 8 outcomes, ranked by order of importance.
So the first question is, what is this role all about right now? List the outcomes below 👇
Outcome 1
Outcome 2

Step 3: List required competencies

Identify 5-8 role-based competencies 👇 that describe the behaviors someone must demonstrate to achieve the outcomes. You'll include those on every performance scorecard in the future. For example, "Competencies include efficiency, honesty, high standards, and customer service mentality."

Step 4: Create a scorecard to ensure alignment

Combine the mission, outcomes, and competencies into a scorecard. Pressure-test your scorecard by comparing it with the business plan and scorecards of the people who will interface with the role. Ensure that there is consistency and alignment. Then share the scorecard with relevant parties, including peers and recruiters.
I've included some sample scorecards below to illustrate how this might look in your company 👇

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Sample Scorecard #1

Mission for Virtual Assistant

Helados La Azteca & Fiestas Jalisco

To serve as virtual aid in helping our company bring the flavors of Mexico to the US by assisting with online marketing , owning online customer support and Azteca scheduling which includes publishing schedules, posting jobs, sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, and helping with onboarding.


Hiring - follow ghSmart hiring system to help us hire and maintain A players
Posting on job boards
Sourcing 6 A Team Players annually
Scheduling interviews (text using Voice phone number)
Helping onboard
Answer customer and candidate questions with the highest level of courtesy possible
Responding to customers and candidates within 24 hours
Use the
Azteca method
to reply to customer and candidate inquiries
we provide as guide
Helping team bring up and maintain review averages for all platforms to 4.7. Google reviews (4.4), Facebook (4.9), Yelp and Square.
Help grow Facebook and Instagram following by the end of 2020. Helping our customers see our vision.
Instagram from 600 to 2,500
Facebook from 3,000 to 5,500
Google maps from 2 to 1,000
Publishing weekly Azteca schedules every Thursday
Scheduling within labor budget (25% of sales)
Scheduling Guidelines
Assist with other tasks


Getting things done
High standards
Customer service mentality
Positive attitude

Sample Scorecard #2

Mission for Frozen Confection Manufacturing

Helados La Azteca

The mission for the frozen confection manufacturing role is to consistently handcraft the best frozen confections using Mexico inspired flavors.


preparation process
to ensure
we meet the high quality and taste our customers expect from HLA
average making a 3 gallon bucket in 30 minutes (with better equipment we will drive prep time down)
Maintain preparation area clean and organized
All equipment used including
Ice cream machine
All ice cream freezers
Ice cream shelf and all ingredients
Ice cream room - floor, walls, table
Make one new flavor recommendation or adjustment every 3 months
Source 2 A players annually


Getting things done
High standards
Detail Oriented

Sample Scorecard #3

Mission for Azteca Team Member

Helados La Azteca
The mission for the Azteca Team Member is to serve the customer the flavors of Mexico with the highest level of courtesy possible.


Plays well with team members by:
always looking for ways to make life easier for team members. Night shift working together to set up morning shift for success and vice versa.
anticipating team needs
Provide legendary service by:
following the 10 second rule- greet customers within 10 seconds of them entering our store
being friendly with the customer throughout the experience
checking in with customer while preparing their desserts
anticipating customer needs
Maintain product and supplies well stocked
Maintain store clean and organized


Team Mentality
Unusually high customer service oriented
Getting things done
High standards
Coachable with ego in check
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