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Hello! My name is Joe Pfeiffer, I live in New York City and I created Hi-Fipedia after being inspired by a
on Hi-Fi history my best friend and fellow audiophile gave me in 2023. This site is meant for anyone looking to learn or understand how a home audio system works. It’s also an attempt to aggregate and organize all those audio specs for anyone looking to compare products or do research. The specs come from a series of scripts I wrote since it can take forever to dig through an audio companies website to find details.
The site gets updated every few weeks as new products come out.


My own Hi-Fi journey started in the 1980’s when my dad would literally do this to me:
In the late 90’s I worked at Best Buy and eventually became a Magnolia Hi-Fi installer where I installed dozens of high-end systems across Wisconsin. I became an on-air college radio show host and web designer at in the early 2000’s.
My degree is in computer engineering so I know enough to understand basic amplifier design but after I got out of school I’ve been mostly focused on software, so all this Hi-Fi stuff has just been a fun side-hobby.
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