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Building a great doc for your Pack

How to build a featured doc for your Pack that encourages makers to install it.

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Featured docs are published docs that can be featured by the Pack Maker and they will show up at the top of the Pack listing page.
Your featured doc is very important because it’s the easiest way to showcase how the Pack works, what’s the Pack use case and why it should be used.
In other words, it’s the best way to convince a maker to install your pack.

A great featured doc should...

Showcase how the Pack’s features work together with Coda’s building blocks (tables, buttons, canvas, formulas, automations, etc).
Be simple to use and easy to understand— any maker should be able to know what this doc & pack does and why it’s important.
Template with:
Use cases/scenarios where the doc can be used. What pains does it solve?
Step-by-step instructions on how to set it up, including at the top of each page. Videos are great to accompany the written step by step!
Story of why you built it (if solving a personal pain)
Copy doc or Copy page button

Your doc must have:

A cover image.
Title and subtitle that clearly shows what the doc is about.
Short introduction paragraph (3-4 sentences) to the Pack and what it does.
Link or button the Pack listing page.
Instructions on how to install/authenticate the Pack (if applicable).
Examples of the Pack features (Tables, buttons, formulas).
Sample data from the synced account to the Pack.

Your doc could have:

GIF or screenshot that showcases how the pack works.
“Copy this doc” button.
The story of why you decided to build this pack.
FAQ and troubleshooting.
More about the Pack builder and contact info.

Examples of great featured docs

/ add Asana example
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