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TikTok Dashboard

Connect your account to see all your data, make your own metrics, and whatever else you can dream up.

The TikTok Pack lets you customize TikTok analytics by bringing your data into Coda.

Use this doc to track content performance and grow your audience. Get started by copying it for yourself!
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Is using the TikTok Pack in this dashboard approved and verified by TikTok?

TikTok only allows some developers to build on top of their API. The TikTok Pack used in this dashboard has gone through a verification and approval process. TikTok cares about their users.
The TikTok pack can only read metrics on your videos and profile, nothing else. You’ll see this when connecting your account. You’ll also notice that you’re on the official TikTok URL when connecting.
Apps like CapCut use this exact same system to connect your account.

How do I see all my account video views?

By default the Video sync table syncs the last 30 days, you can change the range to be any date range you want compared to the 60 day maximum in TikTok Analytics. Go the the Videos sync table click “edit” and change the date range on the right side panel that appears when you click “edit”.

How do I compare my data to others in my niche?

The more creators that use this doc and dashboard, there is the potential to share that benchmark data anonymously segmented by niche. So share with other TikTok creators, and let’s get this data to help creators! Plus you can share docs with each other if you invite others to your doc, or give access to anyone with the link. That you can do today. You can find more info on upgrades in the .

I have questions or need support, what do I do?

You can chat with me on ! Send me a message or leave a comment on a recent video. You can also find me on Reddit.

What can you do with the TikTok Pack?

Understand how your content is performing well so you can invest in what’s working.
Track metrics that TikTok Analytics won’t give you—like engagement rate, total video views on your profile, and est. followers gained per video.
Segment your videos by theme and analyze your audience’s response.
Visualize your profile’s and specific video’s growth over time.
Keep track of all your bio changes.

And much more. Treat this doc as the custom dashboard you wish TikTok gave you to keep making engaging content.

Why did I create this Pack?

Hi, I’m Matt 👋 and I partnered with TikTok to create the TikTok Pack. You can also find me on . My account is synced with this doc until you copy it. So feel free to follow and we can chat in my comments!
The idea for the TikTok Pack came out of frustration. I wanted to get a high level overview of my entire profile. Metrics like total account video views, engagement rate, and followers gained per video were important to me, but TikTok Analytics couldn’t provide it out-of-the-box. I also tested the words in my bio a lot, and forgot what I used to have, and what contributed to my follower growth.
So I created this Pack to bring my profile’s data into Coda where I—and now you—can customize your metrics and visualizations to how you work.
Now, I can test my hypotheses on what hooks, content formats, and themes receive the greatest reach and are most engaging. With this level of detail, I can play with TikTok’s algorithm to optimize my video performance.
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Here’s how it works.

The is everyone’s starting point. Here you can connect your account and pull in both your profile data and the analytics from your content. You can think of these as your raw dashboard—but much more powerful.
You can add columns to track the metrics that matter to you—metrics that TikTok Analytics won’t give you out of the box. Calculating them is easy and works similar to a spreadsheet. For example, I created a quick formula to measure Engagement Rate of each post through: (’Like Count’ + ‘Comment Count’ + ‘Share Count’) / ‘View Count’
Feel free to customize this for what makes sense to you.

Next, the section lets you track you profile’s growth and your videos’ engagement overtime. The charts automatically update so you don’t need to worry about clicking any buttons or counting duplicative likes. Simply monitor your engagement charts as they move up and to the right! 📈

Finally, this doc is just the beginning. We have a ton of templates, workshops, and upgrades in progress to help you grow your engagement and reach on TikTok.
We’ve outlined our upcoming programs in . Take a look and let us know what you’re interested in joining.
But for now, let’s get started...

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