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Working @ Hatch

A one-stop shop for everything related to our team, initiatives, and processes.

👋 Welcome, Adam!

This handbook serves as a high-level guide to what you need to know to have a successful career here at Hatch. It captures how we think about fundamental things, who to talk to, how we work, and how to make the most of your time here.

New Here?

Firstly welcome to the Coup! 🐣; Make a coffee, get comfy, and read through this handbook. It will tell you what to expect and give you clarity on how we work. So you’ll be able to have more detailed conversations with your managers and team mates.
If you’ve been here a while, or you ever feel a little lost, come back to this handbook too. It’s written and curated by all of us here and updated every quarter. It’ll always be the best way to understand how we think and what’s expected. You can also go to the where we regularly update featuring articles or videos to help you grow 🌱.
I’ve stored the resources I’ve used to help build this Handbook in the . It’s a combined effort of my own experiences building 0-1 and at scale, as well as companies and founders I respect.
1 , this is the structure of things we believe and do on a regular cadence.
You @ Hatch
, we want Hatch to be a place where you can do some of the best work of your life so far. This is about your career and our expectations of you.
3 , This are things for reference or only used occasionally in your time working at hatch.

Where we work

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How we connect

Monday 9:00 AM
Team Lunch:
Wednesday 12:30 PM
Tuesday 1:00 PM
All Hands:
Friday 2:00 PM

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