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Accountability and Action
Each week we will walk through the below agenda.
Participants should come prepared to engage. This can mean actively listening, sharing, or responding. Everyone does not need to share and there is no set amount of time per agenda item.

Brag, Celebrate, Joke, or Quote
Do something cool? Know someone who did? Learn a good new joke? Favorite quote?
Please fill out the before joining the call
Did you do the challenge What did you enjoy about it? Was anything difficult?
Do you have any concerns for next week’s challenge? What do you plan on doing?
Are you making progress towards your overall goal? What’s getting in the way? What was a win this week?
Please fill out the before joining the call.
Did you accomplish your goals for the week? Why or why not? Anything worth sharing?
Discussion around the weekly themes.
Anything else?
Pretty self explanatory.

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