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Accountability and Action

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Accountability and Action Overview

What is this?

People join “masterminds” and pay for coaching and join all sorts of clubs to work towards various goals, improve themselves, and build their network.
I have been curious about organizing something like this for a while. With the desire to accomplish a large goal of my own, I got one started.
In the original cohort, we had people...
Get a new job
Launch a new business
Develop a business plan
Prioritize habits for their health
Create space for themselves during a busy work schedule
... and much more.

Who might be interested?

Well, seemingly you since you clicked on this link to read this document!
Generally speaking...
You have a career goal you’re chasing
You want to get better at setting goals and maintaining accountability.
You want to launch a side hustle
You want to develop a new habit
You want to try something new and push yourself
.... and many other use cases.


14 at 6:30AM PST on Wednesdays or 1PM PST on Tuesdays.
We start the week of 4/1
Each call will be about 1 hour.
Price: $25 per call*
The asterisks is simply because the cost is $500 up front as a deposit of sorts. You will get $10 back for each meeting you attend, and $10 at the completion of the course. You can keep the $10 each week, donate it, or buy a latte. Up to you.

Program Goals:

Work towards a goal you have for your life
Ultimately, everyone should get closer to something worth chasing.
Have Fun
So often the world wants us to be serious. This space should be one of positivity, belief, and drive.
Get Uncomfortable
“You can either be comfortable or you can grow.” We’re here to grow. Give feedback; care deeply.
Emphasize Discipline
Setting goals is great and all, but achieving them feels even better. Be your word.
Prioritize YOU
No one forces you to participate. You’re here for you. Make yourself a priority.
Action action action
These next few months should feel like a sprint. Be about that action, boss.
Make new connections
Crazy to think other people want to do something like this. Who knows, maybe you’ll like each other!

Rules (they’re more of guidelines):

Don’t be late
Don’t miss any meetings
Fill out the forms before each call
Push yourself
Be open
3 strikes and you’re out.

How to Join

Step 1: Reach out to me via or
Step 2: We find some time to define your major outcome/goal for the program.
Step 3: Secure your spot by paying via venmo or Zelle.
Step 4: See you the week of the 18th!

Check out the structure.

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