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Accountability and Action
Weekly Meetings

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Each week we will have a them to focus on throughout the week and keep in mind during the conversation.

Along with each theme comes some questions the help you reflect.

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: Participate: How do you want to show up? Why did you sign up for this program? How can you best participate in this course and in your life?
Week 2: Hustle: Doing more require you to... do more! Are you ready to push yourself? Are you worth it?
Week 3: Generosity: You can’t pour from an empty cup - giving requires you to care for yourself as well. Can you show up more in the world? Do you have time or talents that you can share?
Week 4: Peace: What are you doing to prioritize peace and calmness in your life? Are you setting the stage for your life or constantly reacting?
Week 5: Health: How often do you prioritize your health? What are some low hanging fruits for you to improve your daily health habits?
Week 6: Clarity: Does decluttering your space help you focus? Where else can you create space for clarity? Do you sense clarity in your goals?
Week 7: Intention: Are you being intentional with your time? What are your intentions for today? this week? This year?
Week 8: Feedback: How is this course going for you? How can it improve? Do you share feedback in your day to day life? Why or why not?
Week 9: Rewards: What have you done to reward yourself lately? Do you think you deserve a reward?
Week 10: Pride: Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished? What brings you pride? How can you create more of that?
Week 11: Encouragement: Where do you find encouragement? Do you give encouragement to others?
Week 12: Asking for Help: How often to you ask for help? Why does it make you uncomfortable? Do you enjoy helping others?
Week 13: Evangelize: What is something you believe in? Do you share your beliefs with others?
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