The Podcast Planning Toolkit

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The Podcast Planning Toolkit

A team hub for podcast creators.
We don’t need to explain the challenges of podcasting to you—we’re willing to bet you know them far better than we do. But we do deeply understand and empathize with one specific challenge: tool sprawl. Like so many other workflows and processes, podcast planning and production is usually spread across several tools that may or may not communicate with each other.
Coda docs, including the very one you’re reading right now, proactively fight against tool sprawl by bringing all parts of your workflow into a single space. You can brainstorm episode titles, write your scripts, gather feedback, measure performance, and even connect to the tools you just can’t live without—all from one doc.

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This specific Coda doc gives a quick primer on how you might use Coda for podcasting, including a few scenarios where Coda can streamline your team’s workflows. Here’s what you can expect:
A quick intro to the tool.
: Templates for planning, scripting, feedback, and more.

One thing to remember is that Coda is flexible. It starts with a blinking cursor on a blank page and can grow as big as your team's ambition. In other words, you can customize and build a doc however you want.
We’d love to hear your ! Let us know if you have pain points that aren’t included here.

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