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Project brief

Why you're working on a project and how the project is progressing.

Part I: Project brief

Write your project brief below. Type /two-way writeup or /project brief for a quick template.
As background, this project...

Part II: Real-time Jira dashboard

As your team makes updates in Jira, that progress will automatically be shown in the charts below.
your Jira issues into this doc, then about using the Jira pack in Coda.

Key Issue ​
JTP-50 - Shake iOS app to share
In Progress
Assignee: Hari Sivaramakrishnan Priority: High

Jira issues by status
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Jira issues by assignee
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Jira issues pipeline
Not synced yet
JTP-49 Add PayPal as a payment option (Backlog)
JTP-47 SEO optimization (Backlog)
JTP-64 SMS Notification Support (Backlog)
JTP-66 Fix log in flow on Android (Backlog)
Selected for Development
JTP-48 Conduct 30 customer interviews (Selected for Development)
In Progress
JTP-50 Shake iOS app to share (In Progress)
JTP-45 Add 1Password support (In Progress)
JTP-44 Add “fun fact of the day” to login (In Progress)
JTP-51 Add one-click checkout option to shopping cart (Done)
JTP-46 Migrate from Azure to Snowflake (Done)

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