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Jira + Project Brief

Helpful tips

Make it easy for your team to use Jira data in this doc.
Tip #1: @ Reference a Jira issue in your project brief
As you're writing your product requirements doc, type "=@" (equals + at sign) to reference specific Jira issues in the middle of a sentence. Choose the item you want to reference by pressing tab. Finally, type a dot ".", choose the value you want to show, and press enter.
For example, try finishing the sentence below by typing =@JTP-44 Publish mobile app version 3.4 in app store (In Progress).Status after the pointing hand:
The current status of
@JTP-44 Add “fun fact of the day” to login (In Progress)
is 👉
Tip #2: Pin this doc as a shortcut in Jira
Requires admin access to the Jira project

Choose the Jira icon > Projects.
Select a project.
Select Add item
in the project navigation sidebar.
Enter this doc's URL and select Add.

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