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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1
When Gorillas went Hex
, widely regarded as the first NFT, was minted in 2014 on , a blockchain platform patterned after Bitcoin's architecture. It feels like a lifetime ago, but we have experienced a transformation in not only decentralized finance, but also the realm of non-fungible tokens, since those early beginnings. Since 2014, the world has changed, but one thing has remained constant. A modest conception can have a massive effect on how we interpret art, how we use digital assets, and our ability to invest in ideas that appeared unattainable yesterday.

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With a background in digital art, The Gorilla Nixon Collection has been a part of some incredible and . One day, was when he came across a design subreddit that piqued his interest. As he scrolled through the messages searching for inspiration, he came across something that made him pause and interact effectively instead of silently critiquing. It went into detail on color and how web design, in particular, uses a variety of forms. "What is the difference between PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HEX?" he wondered. I won't speculate about the gorilla's past and Bob's brain works, (it's generally nice and sunny, I promise), but something about HEX colors caught him by the massive head he has. A hex color is a hexadecimal version of a color in RGB format that is created by combining three values—the amounts of red, green, and blue in a certain shade of color. To a point, he comprehended it, but the big takeaway he had was that there are 16,777,216 Hex colors. That is color combinations available. Not bragging about what nerds do in their private lives, but he couldn’t wait to share it with us.
Artboard 1@3x.png
Artboard 2@3x.png
That was the day we decided no matter what we were going to create, it would be with color. Hex color, in fact. To us, Hex Color represented an open landscape with almost infinite possibilities. The whole idea of an NFT is that it is unique, and that its rarity is indicative of that uniqueness. We didn’t want to make some square color swatches and just slap them up in a marketplace and hope that someone appreciated our work. We thought that was boring, and if we thought it was boring, we knew that no one would pay any attention to it. Enter the Gorilla.

Artboard 2@4x.png
Artboard 4@4x.png
Artboard 5@4x.png

Fascinated by color and propelled by the power of the gorilla, our team decided that something recognizable yet simple would be the most impactful in showcasing our vision. We ran through hundreds of designs and finally settled on the cute and cuddly vision you see above. Each person represents a real-life color combination that distinguishes them from their brothers and sisters.
Did you know?
That all colors are not equal, and some appear in nature much more often than others. That makes some colors rarer than others. For example, is the hexadecimal color code for "." The color is described as "dark blue." People may associate Absolute Zero in advertisements with tranquility, appetite suppression, a feeling of security or confidence, health care, and life experience.

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