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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1

Community Ethos

Let’s speak on community for a minute. We use that word a lot in our vocabulary and it’s not meant to solicit some trending “buzzword,” marketing emotion from you, rather we know exactly who the types of gorillas who spend their time in NFT marketplaces. If you are reading this, (good for you by the way) then you are probably one of three types of NFT enthusiasts. The first is the artist. You have spent time on many marketplaces, on many chains, and maybe you had moderate success, or maybe you didn’t. Either way, like us, you see the potential in this community to not only showcase your art, but to gain influence within the ecosystem this is a part of. The second kind of user are those looking to collect, strike gold (we hope) and resell for a profit. Business-minded and savvy you know how this works, and get the risks involved. Still, you see every new marketplace as a blank canvas to possibly find the next CryptoPunk or random million dollar piece. The last is the one that we, as members of the first two groups, really want to make an impression on. That is the new user looking for guidance and direction when it comes to seeing value in a project and believing in the artist’s vision. It’s a necessity that we encourage and advise these collectors and show them that a community means more than profit. It means supporting their creativity, answering their questions, and attentively listening to their insight. It means everything when it comes to creating a successful and empowered network. I have seen this in Talis. My feelings are that you have too.
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