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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1

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For the better part of two years, we have been endeavoring to engage the NFT ecosystem and make an impact with our collection. The challenge was that the market had become oversaturated and out of sync. Either the popular art was overpriced, or the technical aspects were just out of reach. It seemed impractical to build a comprehensive collection and pay thousands of dollars to mint it. We went back to the drawing board after being crushed.
When we were exposed to the Terra ecosystem, we were captivated by inspiration, and our concept developed from a single modest idea. Anyone now has the capacity to form an NFT, but not everyone has the power to develop an asset. The concept that an NFT can generate or replicate resources for you is not unique. The Blockchain Cuties Universe exemplifies what can be achieved with the correct design, collaboration, and ambition. Blockchain Cuties, one of the oldest multi-chain crypto platforms, is a sophisticated, multi-layered adventure game with NFTs at its core. However, even BCU has constraints. Despite the fact that you are completely owned by the minter, you are unable to challenge them on another battlefield. There is also no option to stake your NFTs in a pool to generate tokens.
Hex Gorilla appears to be uncomplicated. There are no garish, distorted, or disfigured features. Nothing on your screen is shifting or gyrating. There really is no overwhelming excitement or FOMO here. This initiative will appear tranquil at first, but we are gorillas, and we don't do anything tame.
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