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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1

$Talis Token

The $Talis Token will be constructed as the native token of the Talis Protocol. Their core outline and mission can be found on their own . Their intentions to derive their own token for use within their own ecosystem lends credibility to the dedication and forward thinking nature of their endeavors. HG intends to use and promote the use of this token and see’s capabilities that go well beyond peer to peer trading.

That means artists will be able to connect directly with printing services to earn more from their artwork. It also means that Token Holders will be able to also connect and have their prized NFT printed and sent directly to them. It will be capable of producing a predesigned amount of xNFT that will directly connect them to business who specialize in printing customer logos on everything from t-shirts to coffee cups. Hex Gorilla Mugs anyone?
The wide implication of these services, and the integration of much more in the future brings to light a gap in a immensely saturated market. How do you stand out in a crowd of crowds? This my Gorilla friends is how Talis has separated themselves from the pack. This is why we chose this platform, and why we see much more in the future with Talis.

Be on the look out for a submission contest to design our HG+ Token. You could win up to 1000 $UST!
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