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Fintechopedia 0.1.0

The destination for Fintech creators, users, and explorers to learn the developments and applications of financial technology, delivered via conversations and visually engaging content.

How it works

We are creating and curating the world's best information to discover and understand fintech. Aside from the courses, everything is free.
The content is classified by medium: video, audio, text. The same content can exist in all three media (the sound from the video can be made into a podcast and transcribed into an article), then video is the default choice.
All content is tagged by topics. If it’s a broad industry perspective it will be in general fintech, otherwise one piece of content can have multiple tags. You can read more about the .
List of Topics
Activities relevant to core banking: lending, accounts, savings (E.g. Open Banking, BaaS, partnerships)
Data & Technology
Anything related to data for financial markets. (E.g. Data as a Service, Analytics, Cloud)
Crypto & Digital Assets
Related to the whole cryto value chain from concepts to practical applications
How to promote fintech services, advice and best practices
Funding & Financing
How fintech changes the way companies borrow and raise funds (E.g. VC, PE, Financing SMEs)
Exploring and understanding the industry as a whole
The social impact of fintech (E.g. ESG, financial inclusion, equality)
Coming soon!
Investing & Wealth
The role of fintech on how institutionals and retail invest (E.g. AI trading, Trading technology, Analytics)
Operations & Infrastructure
How fintech is impacting the backbone of the financial system (E.g. post-trade data, legacy systems)
How we transact from rails to client interface (E.g. Local payment systems, open banking)
Regulation & Risk
The technology that makes compliance more efficient (E.g. regtech, risk & analytics)

There is a selection of ; a curated list of publications about Fintech ); and a space for formal learning with .

Individual Content: if you are just visiting

: essential fintech viewing arranged by topics and entertainment level. Because sometimes you want to learn while having fun.
: the definition we use is “an analytic or interpretative usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view”
Podcast episodes probably deserve a place here as well. We’re not there yet.

For the Studious

We are buiding a repository of books and online courses about Fintech. This is a curation, but as it’s not something that we can experience first hand, it’s based on perceived value and curicculum.

Permanent Resources: Gifts that keep on giving

A selection of active publications you can subscribe to for free, to receive regular update and analysis
Many are the sources of the selected content above

Things that we could add

Publication frequency
Video and podcast length
Search functionality
Intent functionality
I want to learn about Fintech Sectors and Topics
I want to learn about Fintech Companies
I want to learn how fintech is affecting my industry


Here are a few organisations and resources that inspired this process

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