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Guidelines and Policies

Volunteer teams have been moderating the Facebook GCP Cafe group since 2017. Learn more about volunteer opportunities .


Bring your point-of-view and openness to conversations & events. Enjoy the exchange with your peers. Connect with others in a respectful way and be kind.
Rumor-spreading, name-calling, and personal attacks or abusive statements will not be tolerated.
Violations of this primary policy may lead to removal from the GCP Cafe community without warning.

Facebook Group Rules

Member-Reported content including comments will be reviewed by a member of the moderation team.
Ability for anyone to comment on a thread can be suspended (and lifted) at any time by the moderation team independently or upon request from the post-originating group member.
Posts and comments in violation of group rules and policies may be removed at any time at the discretion of moderation team.
Additional actions could include blocking member(s) from the group.

Generally, link posts are not approved by the moderation team. Do not post links in GCP Cafe group without explicit permission from the group moderators. Example of posts that may not be acceptable:
A link that redirects to a firewall or gated content (requires disclosure of private information for access)
A link or image that directly promotes a paid product or service
A link or image that reinforces stereotypes, directs to negative statements about groups of people (religious, political, etc.), creates risk for others, or is otherwise exclusionary
A link or image that is not relevant to clinical research

Virtual Coffee Event Guidelines

Virtual Coffee events are recorded. By participating in the event, you implicitly provide your consent for the recorded material to be used in future marketing of events or otherwise across social media channels, including reposted in public platforms like YouTube or private courses hosted by GCP Cafe or partners.
When you connect in the chat or participate on camera/audio, you are responsible for your professional integrity. Do not represent the view's of your employer or disclose any propriety, privileged, or otherwise material non-public information governed by a confidentiality/non-disclosure or other agreement.

Add Your Perspective

Provide your feedback and recommendations to improve published policies and guidelines at - suggestions are always welcome.
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