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GCP Cafe Virtual Coffee

A GCP Cafe Virtual Coffee event allows you an online space outside of your home and your work to connect with other clinical researchers in a third-place for fun and safe conversations with your peers in the industry.

What is on the Virtual Coffee Menu?

Sometimes it is chatter, sometimes brainstorming, and even educational content about how we approach our work for the patients we serve. Let's bring our shared experiences as clinical researchers and better relate to one another. Maybe learn something and definitely make some new friends! How can we help each other?

Register for the Productivity Master Class Series starting August 19th.

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Checkout recent prior events if you want a taste of what to expect during the next Virtual Coffee:
Future of Work - Consultant Lifestyle: Peter/Nadia + Sheila Mahoney of LifeSciHub (02-Jun-2020)
Networking: For the Clinical Research Insider's Facebook Group (28-Apr-2020)
Fiona Preview Party April 2020
2:30 Grace asks an icebreaker: Would you dare to use an erasable pen or a *pencil*? 3:30 Silena shares her impressions of 1:1 *speed networking* - FUN! 4:30 Nadia explains how to exchange your contact information and update your profile with links to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn - easy. 5:30 Nadia wants clinical researchers to connect in a highly-regulated industry. 7:00 Fiona, the main character of the book Clindividual is new to clinical research. “Fiona has her feet wet” and she is not afraid to ask your questions in the Facebook group. 8:00 Cynicism and burnout in clinical researchers leads to dissatisfaction at work and an industry attrition problem. 8:30 A team of volunteers from GCP Cafe manage the Facebook page, ‘Fiona G. CP’ ( 9:45 Romiya invites you to the Fiona GCP Life Facebook page and ask your clinical researcher questions anonymously. Together we can be great clinical research professionals. 11:00 Nadia explains that tools are not the secret to success in clinical research. You are extraordinary already and can take that confidence into your life and work. 14:30 Silena provides pro networking tips. Ask better questions and have better 1:1 private networking conversations (not recorded). 16:00 Future sessions of Virtual Coffee will include breakout “Show Your Mug” sessions for group networking (up to 10 video/audio on). 17:00 Be recognized for Clinical Researcher Day (20-May-2020). Show your mug! Tag a photo on social media of your coffee mug (and smiling face!) #GCPcafe #showyourmug #CTD2020 19:30 Announcing Book Club events by GCP Cafe. The first book club selection, Helpful: A Guide to Networking’ includes 3 free chapters and a discount if you purchase the book using ‘GCPcafe’ offer code at the author, Heather Hollick’s website. 22:00 Nadia has 20 copies of the new book about networking, ‘Helpful’ to give away as a reward for participation in GCP Cafe. 24:00 Grace is a moderator at GCP Cafe and the project manager who works with a team of volunteers to maintain the Facebook Page, ‘Fiona G. CP’. 25:00 Clinical Research *GCP Cafe* is a free online facebook group 26:30 Romiya is a long-time supporter of GCP Cafe. Clinical Research is a dynamic field. It is more important than ever to have answers to clinical researcher questions in a safe virtual space. 28:00 Being helpful to others and networking in the clinical research industry is FREE and easy. 28:30 Grace purchased the book, ‘Helpful’ to improve her networking skills. Find ‘Fiona G. CP’ in the Facebook group GCP Cafe. 30:00 Find out about future events at
Covid Impact to Clinical Trials: Peter/Nadia chat (14-Apr-2020)
Helpful Bookclub (05-May-2020; 19-May-2020; Meet the Author COMING SOON)
Meet the Author, Heather Hollick 31-July-2020

Materials - Preparing for the Virtual Coffee event
Most events will offer a free downloadable worksheet or other resources to help you navigate the event. You are not required to download the materials or print anything.
When it is time to join the Virtual Coffee, consider logging in five minutes early at the invite link to load the platform interface. You can test your camera and microphone or you can choose to participate in listen-only mode.
All events include a short presentation (watch and participate in the chat sidebar. The Recorded Virtual Coffee presentation is about ~10-15 minutes and covers GCP Cafe topics and clinical researcher group questions.
Some events include a Show Your Mug Session - 'virtual roundtable or room' where up to 10 people can participate (video/audio on) and up to 500 attendees can watch.
Most events offer 3-4 minute private (unrecorded) Speed Networking sessions where you can meet your friends from GCP Cafe in conversation 1:1 and even exchange contact information.

If you miss the event, it will be recorded and posted in the archives at YouTube and on this page
Always Iterating
Virtual Coffee is an event designed to provide responsive audience-suggested content for different interests of clinical researchers. . If you have feedback on an event or ideas for future programs contact

Who hosts the Virtual Coffee?

Actually, why not you?
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I'm Nadia M. Bracken, Chief Connector at GCP Cafe. Together, with a team of volunteer 'barista' hosts, we are bringing you interactive education and networking events every other Tuesday evening.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

You voted for the topics you are most interested in. The tribe has spoken. Here is the plan for What’s Up Next!

Virtual Coffee Masterclass: Start Finishing (Series) with author, Charlie Gilkey

2020.08.19 Foundations Session 1


2020.08.25 Momentum Week 2


2020.08.31 MasterClass w/ Author Q&A

Copy of Start Finishing Promotion.png

2020.09 Implementation Week - Series Finale


Past Events

Archived events at YouTube

Jun-02 🔮 Future of Work - Consultant Lifestyle

Consulting Survey Outcomes by Sheila Mahoney of LifeSciHub
Peter/Nadia moderate!

May-19 📘 Helpful Book Club Sessions

May’s book club selection is Helpful, a book about Networking. From the author's website: Helpful reveals that networking is much more than just meeting new people; it’s about embracing the world with a spirit of helpfulness to create, freshen, and strengthen deep human connections.
Helpful is a book about professional networking. It is also a book about deepening your understanding of yourself, improving social skills, and increasing your capacity for understanding others. It is the perfect book to be read and studied along with friends and colleagues. Networking is, after all, a social activity.
BONUS: 5% discount to all GCP Cafe members who purchase the book through author’s site. Visit the author's book store webpage and use the discount code ‘GCPCafe’ upon checkout.
Book Page: (Purchase options at the bottom of the page.) Store:

👩‍🦰 Helpful Bookclub: Meet the Author Event


Apr-28 🎈Networking for Clinical Researchers

asks your burning clinical research questions for you - all while you remain totally anonymous. No question too small, send a message to her today with your inquiry.
Watch Recordings from April 2020

Fiona G. CP Project

Fiona is managed by a team of volunteer "baristas" at GCP Cafe. She will be showing up more often in the GCP Cafe facebook group to help other clinical researchers but you can meet her today. How can she help you? What are you struggling with or curious about?
with a question you would like Fiona to post anonymously on your behalf in .
Fiona will facilitate conversations in the group so that you can have answers to any and all tough questions about your career and your day-to-day as a clinical researcher. Send a private message to FIONA today.

Apr-14 🦠 COVID-19

GCP Cafe host, delivered a special presentation with friends of GCP Cafe (and lots of networking!) to kickoff the Virtual Coffee series.
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9.26.10 PM.png
Your work is fundamentally changing during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of us who would normally commute to an office are now 100% remote workers. Others who would normally travel to monitor clinical trials, are grounded. What is the effect of the virus on clinical trial operations?
Objectives for this event:
Summarize new FDA guideline
Highlight company responses taken from media headlines
Talk about compassion fatigue and emotional exhaustion plus the importance of self-care in avoiding clinical researcher burnout
Discuss unique issues you can anticipate for different types of trials
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