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Demystifying General Plans

Welcome to our demystifying General Plan toolkit! We are glad you’re here. This is your one-stop-shop for resources related to Contra Costa General Plans, upcoming meetings, and additional information. Navigate by clicking on the cards or toggle the arrows.

Steps for taking climate action in Contra Costa County

There are many ways to get involved and take action for a more sustainable, resilient Contra Costa County.
Step 1: Sign a petition - Signing petitions are the easiest way to join forces with like minded individuals. .
Step 2: Write a letter - If you have more specific comments to share but cannot attend a meeting, sending a letter is a great way to express your opinion. Please feel free to use this to reach out to your city’s staff or elected officials (contact information included in sample letter).
Step 3: Attend a meeting - Sharing your voice at a city council or other public meeting is one of the best ways to engage in this process and make your voice heard! Please feel free to use this

See below a list of actions to request your city include in their General Plan Updates:

Protect and preserve our natural spaces: open space, waterways, shorelines, and green infrastructure
Plan for more equitable outcomes for residents, prioritizing the needs of disadvantaged and historically marginalized communities
Take bold action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, and transition to a carbon-free economy
Strengthen community and natural environment resiliency through climate adaptation efforts
Protect and improve our agricultural lands and associated economy
Ensure transit-oriented development, focus economic development near housing or transit, reduce vehicle miles traveled and promote equitable access to jobs and services, especially for disadvantaged communities
Prioritize efficient land use and house every resident ethically and affordably through new housing production, tenant protection, and existing housing preservation;
Ensure accountability to the goals and priorities laid out in the General Plan.
Direction to address the climate crisis, explicitly require a Climate Action Plan that meets or exceeds the state goals, and is reviewed on an annual basis.
Clearly state that there will be a completion of a Greenhouse Gas Inventory to establish a baseline level of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and is reviewed on an annual basis.
Agree to partner with other jurisdictions and organizations to develop effective regional solutions and regulation at regional, state and federal levels.
Identify disadvantaged communities, and include clear Environmental Justice policies
Clearly state that you will expand the green transportation network by encouraging the use of climate-friendly technology, planning growth around multiple modes of travel and reducing automobile reliance and vehicle miles traveled.
Ensure transit-oriented development, focus economic development and jobs near housing or transit, and promote equitable access to jobs and services, especially for disadvantaged communities
Incorporate ecologically sustainable practices and materials into new development, building retrofits and streetscape improvements.

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