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Feedback from colleagues and direct reports

From another UX Manager

I absolutely appreciate the amount of operational sophistication you bring to our team spaces - literally every space is benefitting from your lens and approach to efficiency. With our team growing, we’re needing more and more of your expertise. I appreciate you!

From a Direct Report

I appreciated our time together SO much, I grew into a more confident, capable, and understanding human under your direction. You were such an amazing manager, and whoever you get to lead next is real lucky.

From a Product Manager

Gaby is a professional every sense of the word. Gaby is knowledgeable, kind, empathetic, driven, and deeply talented at what they do.
At AppFolio, they spearheaded introducing a new central repository for all of our research projects and ongoing discovery/development. Gaby ushered us into a new age of being able to find research quickly instead of rummaging through Google folders and drives. We as a product development org are better because of Gaby’s tireless efforts and commitment to excellence.
No question was every too small for Gaby. She always showed up for team with empathy and grit. A true team player who is ready to get the job.
Gaby will truly be an asset in their next opportunity and I cannot recommend her enough.

From a UX Designer

I highly recommend Gaby, who is a remarkable individual who seamlessly blends extraordinary problem-solving abilities, a diligent work ethic, and a genuine commitment to teamwork.
Gaby's intelligence and quick thinking always result in innovative solutions, while her thoughtfulness and adaptability help create a collaborative and positive work environment. Gaby's unwavering dedication to excellence, both as a team player and as an independent contributor, makes her an invaluable asset to any organization.
Their qualities as a capable, hard-working, and intelligent problem solver, combined with their innate ability to positively impact their surroundings, makes her a stand out choice for any team.

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