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My collaborative style prioritizes employees' needs & goals


I genuinely believe that people do their best work when they feel safe, supported, and trusted by their manager. I've adopted a flexible leadership style aimed at meeting my team's various needs.
I'm all about collaborative leadership. Whenever my team members have questions, I typically approach our discussions from a coaching perspective to help them develop their decision-making skills. But, it's important to note that this approach isn't one-size-fits-all. While some team members thrive in ambiguous problem spaces, while others may become overwhelmed, so I tailor my management approach to each individual.
In developing my management skills, I greatly benefitted from Lara Hogan's book, , and I regularly reference the frameworks she shares!


Directly managed a team of two research operations specialists, supporting their core needs (BICEPS model) and professional development goals.
Transitioned Onboarding program from a static slide deck to dynamic Coda Document. Consistently gathered feedback for the UX Onboarding program and successfully incorporated recommended enhancements. Achieved a >80% positive response rate (i.e., "agree" or "strongly agree") from new hires in key statements.
Established project management & tracking system for UX Research team allowing insight across multiple managers and functional areas.


Prioritizing the health and happiness of my direct reports resulted in a very positive, trusting relationship. My team members were able to deliver excellent work, grow towards their professional goals, and maintain their well-being throughout our 2 years working together.
After my team was impacted by a company-wide layoff, one of my direct reports gave me the following feedback:
I appreciated our time together SO much, I grew into a more confident, capable, and understanding human under your direction. You were such an amazing manager, and whoever you get to lead next is really lucky.

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