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Skillnaden mellan r & SQL

Skillnaden mellan Tableau och Google Data Studio (Används för data-analys)

Azure Data Studio vs SSMS
Skillnaden mellan MySQL & MS SQL Server
Skillnaden mellan SQL Som språk och SQL Server som Databas
Värt att notera dessa:
It uses a different form of SQL, which is called T-SQL(Transact Structured Query Language). T-SQL is almost the same as SQL with slight variations in the queries.
Updates: Since SQL is a standard query language, it does not have any updates. The queries that are written using SQL always remains the same. On the other hand, SQL Server is proprietary software, developed for commercial purposes. Hence, it gets frequently updated. Various versions of SQL Server are available for use, each new version has some enhanced functionalities.
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Tips I Azure Data Studio
Test-arbeta med datan från gårdagen:
Information om datasetet

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