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Florian Avdic Strategy Portfolio




Here’s how I can help your business.


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Strategy for Creative Business.

Useful, intelligent, and actionable.
To boost ideas, build brands, and realise Marketing plans.



I’m a Freelance Strategy Creator.

Hire me as creative planner, brand strategist, Marketing lead or Design Thinking Coach. Or shop strategy: book one of my workshop/programs.

For actionable strategies turning creative ideas into Brand Experiences.

Strategy for Creative Business.

For More punch for your business.

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What the heck is this here? Coda?!?

This is the data base of my portfolio website. Coda is a great tool merging database and doc into one powerful tool. I set this up to develop mystrategy services into a much more digital service oriented direction. For the moment there are hickups. Eitherway: I will create and make more, and more useful tools. If you want to join, get previews or access, send me an email
I put way too much work into stuff I’m not good at. Which is good for you, because I learned a lot about Marketing in the Creator’s Age. This is also the foundation for some plans I’m following beyond freelancing. Strategy as a service... i will update and upgrade this and other places. Let’s stay in touch, I’d love to.

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