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Florian Avdic Strategy Portfolio

Experience & skill-set

🐒 Decades in the game: I’m a professional.

I’m not Leon, but I do this professionally for quite some time. You won’t see me sporting smart casual a lot, but I got over 15 years of experience on me: I worked with big time CEOs, Marketing heads and teams from super traditional to super lost to way ahead of the game (including my game). I worked with really outstanding creatives, and elite folks from business, tech or art... I hustled company politics and startup chaos. I delivered key notes, pitch presentation and coffee meetings to drive a project home or stand up for an idea.

A special skill-set:

I worked with the best creative agencies, the biggest global brands, ambitious challengers and small startups to learn developing real insight and real projects vs. BS* the hard way.

I built businesses both within companies and as a founder. I ran Ogilvy's first Social Media unit, started a Design Thinking and Innovation practice at Ogilvy and initiated Creative Business Design at Jung von Matt.
I helped companies drive Marketing and business innovation. E.g. Nescafé product innovation or ERGO Marketing transformation.
I partnerd with and built startups. My first co-founder experience was whilst I was still in school. My latest was Thimbl. In the meantime I was a partner at Annu Eyewear and ran my strategy service.
I’ve a strong interest in people, culture and tech, I’m a curious observer trying to get peoople and the opportunities of emerging behaviors and phenomena.

I am a certified Design Thinking Coach and I use the Agile toolbox to run my strategy projects faster and more effective.
My faible for technology, systems and organization design help me sometimes drown and go mad in the flood of products and service for Marketing automations or content creation.

A combo that helps you win.

You can see my

I combine Brand Marketing and Business expertise with my background in Design Thinking and Agile methods to deliver strategy tasks by task.
And one more thing: I consider tech for every new project: what tech is out there that makes the work 3x faster or better?
by considering tech possibilities to run a strategy better or easier. Or at all.
That’s why I call myself Strategy Creator.. Not because it sounds like a snob. But because it’s accurate. Strategy has to shape, otherwise it’s just a presentation

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