Throughout the North America Region, there is an ongoing water crisis due to water privatization, lead poisoning, and environmental injustice.
What is Water Privatization?
Water privatization is when a company buys in the government utility, making it so that public citizen’s water would be managed by private sector. Along with that, the water source would be changed to another source that might not have enough water filtering to be safe drinking water. This means there is virtually little transparency and the water could be poisoned at dangerous levels without abiding by safe levels of water purity.
Water Poisoning
Water can be poisoned in many ways, making it toxic for residents.
However, water crisis has disproportionately affected POC as through water poisoning, the quality of water is lowered, especially affecting the defenders. This is environmental racism, as the governments reduce the quality of water while making the prices higher (in order to pay for private sector filtering).

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