Throughout Europe and Russia, Arctic Indigenous peoples are having their land destroyed by mining, deforestation and climate change. On this page you will be able to find information from Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland, Russia as well as Sápmi. Natural resources in these region are being exploited by huge companies, continuing the long history of colonial exploitation of land, and are being chosen over the rights of indigenous people. Environmental disasters like oil spills, melting ice caps and mines are making the livelihoods of the Inuit, Sámi and of Russian indigenous people significantly harder.
Temperature rise and wildfires affects all Arctic regions
The threats of temperature rises and wildfires are problems that face all of these three Arctic regions. While the average temperature has risen with 0.8 °C globally compared to pre-industrial levels, many places in the arctic have already measured a 2 °C rise in temperature. This drastic rise heavily affects indigenous communities in the arctic as the ecosystems that e.g. reindeers and seals rely on is set off balance.
We must turn attention to indigenous communities at risk in Arctic Europe and Russia to #DefendTheDefenders

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