Cub Scouts - Pack 91

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What to expect...

When you join our Pack, we want to make you feel welcome. We have compiled this list to help you jump in and feel prepared for campouts, meetings, and events. Let us know if we missed something.

Pack Meetings

Once a month, all Dens meet together for a “Pack Meeting,” which all Cub Scouts and their families are encouraged to attend. The Pack Meeting is a fun time for everyone. While some Pack Meetings are aimed at fulfilling requirements or providing necessary information, often the Pack will try to do a larger event or have a speaker aimed at wowing the Cubs and/or teaching them Scout-encouraged lessons. Additionally, Dens may show off the projects they have been working on, Cubs learn and showcase new skills, and awards are often presented. It is a time for the family to get information on upcoming activities and share in the Scouting spirit. Be sure to attend and join in the excitement while watching your son or daughter advance! Scouts are encouraged to wear their Class A uniforms to these events.

Den Meetings

Den Meetings are generally held once a month and provide your Scout with opportunities to enjoy various planned activities, learn new skills, and have great fun. Parental attendance is required for Lions and Tigers, and is encouraged for all Scouts. Dens may require parent participation at specific meetings. Please keep in touch with your scout's Den Leader so that you will know what activities are taking place and can track the progress your child is making.
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Overnight Campouts

Scouting is an outdoor-based program. Camping is permitted by Cub Scouts only in an age-appropriate context. Scouts must always have an adult family member with them when camping. Bring all the equipment you need to enjoy the camp-out: a tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, bug spray, etc.


Cub Scouts primarily raise funds through popcorn sales, which help fund Pack, District, and Council activities. The campaign includes all Scouts and generally runs from August through October. Participants in this event may receive prizes and other recognition. The Pack relies heavily on the funds generated by this fundraiser. Everyone’s participation is expected and appreciated. The Pack retains approximately 30% of the proceeds of the popcorn sold and is the single largest source of funding for all Pack activities.

Blue and Gold Graduation

For the 2nd year “Arrow of Light” (AOL) Webelos, the final night of being a Cub Scout is at our Blue and Gold Celebration. At that time, they have the opportunity to join a Scout BSA Troop in a “cross-over” ceremony. Families, including grandparents and other special guests, are encouraged to attend. Scouts MUST wear their full uniform.
All other Cub Scouts will attend a graduation ceremony, typically in May, to mark the completion of their experience in that year's grade and graduate into the following year. Earning rank advancement relative to each school grade is not required (eg-Arrow of Light, Wolf, Bear, etc.) but is encouraged as a gratifying part of the scouting experience. A scout works at their own pace at home or during Den & Pack outings and meetings, under the supervision and guidance of a parent and in coordination with the Den leader.

Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood Derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. Then they race the cars in a competition, which includes prizes for speed and design creativity. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. The Pack leaders will build tracks while you and your scout will design and build their own "grand prix" car to enter in the race. The Pack provides the kits, rules, and instructions for design and competition.

Raingutter Regata

The Raingutter Regatta is a racing event for Cub Scouts, the sailboat equivalent of a Pinewood Derby. The Pack does not host this event annually. The official Raingutter Regatta Trimaran kit includes a Racing Trimaran Hull, two wooden outriggers, a sail, mast, screws, and a sanding stick. Within the basic design rules, Scouts can paint and decorate their sailboats. The Pack provides the kit, and a race is scheduled during one of the Pack Meetings. Scouts love this, and parents are encouraged to let the scouts use their imaginations in decorating the boats.

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