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(1) Today's 🐸🐸🐸 is
@Business Count in City Guides

(2) After that:
tasks on My Plate:

(3) Check in on
other tasks

Review Obi’s PR
Check in with Obi to see when he’s ready for me to review
Refinance Investment Property
Apply online.
Featured Businesses
Design a mechanism to get the last 4 businesses added to the db.
Business Count in City Guides
Profile Image with Navigation Dropdown
Fold Clothes
Create Design Spec for Certificate Handler
Call Ezinne
Better Engineering Sync with Team
Write Connect For November
Organize tasks to reflect work left for November in ADO
Write ascending and descending filter for Certificate manager
Port over cert changes to an iron branch
Discuss Loan Options with Mortagage Guy from NewRez
Review Braxton’s Search Bar PR
Schedule Meeting with MSFT Team for Friday
Confirm the refinance with New Rez
Coda Onboarding
Upload W2 and Paystubs
E Sign the Loan Documents
Order the appraisal for the home
Fold Clothes
Learn GraphQL
Find a python tutorial
Normalize the values in the db
Clean Apartment
Add “Open Now” Tag to Search Results
Add Ascending and Descending Filter to Certificate Viewer
Fix Categories Bug
“Go to Definition” vim plugin
Research how to create indexes.
Add Validation on DB Schema for the business collection
Local Instance of MongoDB
Clean Bedroom
Clean Bathroom
Clean Living Room
Clean Kitchen
Clean Office
Clip Nails
Fix SSL Error on localhost with `black`
Research Mention Code
Do the Dishes
Translate bugs from #supportemails & #bugs to bug tracker in Coda
Research potential cleaners
Not Me
Validate All Businesses & Onboard All Existing Sign Ups

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