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Product Hunt Launch Template

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Product Hunt Launch Template

All of the info you need to post your product to Product Hunt
Product hunt isn an incredibly vibrant community of makers (we’d like to think we’re cut from the same cloth 😄). It should be unsurprising that, whenever we have a big Coda launch, Product Hunt is top of mind. Over the years, we’ve really honed our process for developing and launching products ー including gathering the assets necessary to make for a great post. The ““ guide is a super helpful resource as you prepare for the big day, but we’ve also found that simply documenting and laying out your post ahead of time is a surefire way to make sure you get the same quality with every launch.
In this doc you’ll find a Coda table with columns laid out in a similar style to the Product Hunt posting ー both allowing you to capture the raw content (Hunter, Makers, Headline, Tagline, Links, etc), and visualizing it before you go through the upload process. Take a look and give it a whirl ー and if you want to see the posts this is based on, check out the following links:

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