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The Coda Doc Gallery
A new home for makers to exploreーand shareーdocs.
Web App, Productivity, Task Management, Spreadsheets, Tech
The new Doc Gallery is a place for makers to find and share tools, musings, templates, tiny apps, interactive handbooks, and anything else you can build in Coda.
Hunter Comment
Excited to launch the new Doc Gallery!
A few weeks ago, Coda launched <a href="">Publishing</a> ーthe ability to transform any Coda doc into a sleek, interactive website you can share with the world. Since then we've seen thousands of published docs from our communityーeverything from handbooks to calculators to workout apps.
Now we're unveiling a new home for these docs: A totally rebuilt Doc Gallery where makers can explore—and share—their docs. You can:
✍️ Self-publish with instant gratification.
🔍 Discover a world of interactive docs.
📚 Create and curate your own doc collection by sharing docs from other makers alongside your own.
The last couple years, we've watched this community of makers create things we never imagined with Coda. The new Doc Gallery brings it all together. I can't wait to see what you Coda.
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