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General Music Teacher School Doc

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Who is this doc for?

I built this doc specifically for myself. I’m an elementary general music teacher, and I’ve become really tired of creating so many stand-alone documents in my school Google Drive each day. While I still need to use G-Drive for many things (because my school and colleagues do, and I’m not in a position to change anything district-wide), anything that is just for me will be part of this Coda doc.
This doc could definitely be helpful for someone else in my position, perhaps someone who teaches a different grade level, or maybe a different specialist area like physical education, or visual arts.
In order to even play around in the doc, be sure to give yourself “Admin Access” to the information by clicking the button below. To read more about why this feature is in place, visit .
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What’s in this doc?

- Quick overview of your day. Shows and so you know what to expect for the day. Links to main pages are at the top, because I often like to have the left side menu collapsed.
is my version of the class reward trackers that are popular out there right now (think “Class Dojo.”)
- Easily add new lessons, or view lessons by grade level. Use - Quickly see and add your teaching standards. Use to print a lesson.
- See your days broken down into periods. Use subpage to easily print a quick list of your weekly schedule.
- Search for individual students. Use subpage to easily print a quick list of classes.
- See your district calendar events, and any other events you need to put here. Use subpage to easily print a quick list of your school year calendar.
- Take meeting notes, or write random thoughts here.
- Record purchase order information here.
- Keep track of your classroom inventory here.
- Enter all your data here. Use the subpage for instructions on printing various lists.
- Includes all tables and subtables. Be careful what you change here! Feel free to hide this once you have your doc how you want it.

How do you use this doc?

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Many thanks to the Coda Community, especially those involved in leading the Doctorate ( and are amazing!), and for his , and whose page that gave me a ton of great inspiration and info. Huge shout out to fellow musician and Coda maker, - he was always quick to help when I posted with questions! I’m blown away by how amazing everyone has been to share knowledge and give their time to help.

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