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hi, I’m Andy

Andy Farnsworth

Coda Curious is my doc of tiny tips & techniques for discovering the joys of building in

I publish one tip per week (approx!), here and on . You can subscribe for new tip notifications and other nocode & digital transformation posts by adding your name below.

Please PLEASE copy and reuse any components you find useful, and share this doc with any fellow Codans who might find it useful.

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This project is equal parts:

evangelism for the Cult of Coda: it’s the coolest bean
community good will: giving back for the help I continue to receive along my learning journey
marketing: a means to raise awareness of my company
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is a work design consultancy based in Toronto, Canada, We help teams build adaptable organizational operating systems. We love to design natural ways of working, often through moving manual or uncomfortable processes & services to Coda, adding automation, and generally making them awesome.
If you’re considering transforming your business operations, we’re here to help.

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(c) morning strategy 2022
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