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Coda for Ben

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Why Coda?

Docs as powerful as apps
Ben ー welcome to Coda! I took the liberty of putting together a helpful doc that breaks down why Coda could be right for your org, how leading product teams are using Coda and the value you can expect for your team.
Given all that you’ve shared about what you’re looking for in a project management solution and some of the growing pains you’re experiencing, I’ve organized this doc into three main subpages.

Problem 1: Tool sprawl

Coda provides a

Problem 2: Project Accountability

Coda enables

Problem 3: Scattered Documentation

Coda ensures you always

Dive right in, start clicking around, and have fun! Don’t forget to check out the
page as well.
If you need me, I’m only a click away. 👉

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