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Coda for Ben
Why Coda?

Capture Ideas

Coda solves scattered documentation
At the rate business gets done in 2021, if million-dollar ideas, strokes of genius and even to-do lists aren’t properly documented, it’s more than likely they’ll get lost in the shuffle.

With the proper tools, however, you can ensure that every ounce of inspiration from a brainstorming session, meeting notes, or 1:1 doesn’t get left behind.

In an effort to ensure all your brilliant ideas are captured and shared, I’ve put together a few examples of how other leading product teams are squeezing all the juice out of the Coda fruit.

Team brainstorm

Meeting Notes

Looking for more?

Here are even more great ways to jumpstart your meetings and ensure when those creative juices are flowing, you’re capturing that precious content!

Last but not least:

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