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Jose's notebook.

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Aquí irémos poniendo ejemplos de lo que ya sabes decir sobre tí.

Hello! What’s your name?

Where from?
Where ?
How old are you?
What is your favourite sport?
What is your favourite movie?
Do you like vegetables?
What do you do at the weekend?

Hello! I am Jose!

I am from Sevilla. Sevilla is in Spain.
I live in Madrid.
I am .
My favourite movie is ‘Life is Beautiful’
No, I don’t like vegetables.
I go to the cinema.



What do people like?
When do people work?
What does Spain have?
Where do Spanish people go?
What do people do in Spain?
Do you have a beach in Sevilla?

Spain 🇪🇸

People like paella.
People work .
We have beaches.
They go to Lanzarote.
People do sport.
No, we don’t have a beach.

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