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Jose's notebook.

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Training practice.

Aquí irémos practicando la explicación de ejercicios.

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your legs and
your knees a little.
Extend your and your back.
Take the rope and pull left and up high with two hands.
Repeat 15 times.

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Close your legs and flex your knees.
Extend your elbows and your back.
Take the rope and pull down with two hands.
Open the rope at the end.
Repeat 15 times.


Vuelve a ver el vídeo. Concéntrate en lo que ya sabes, está subrayado abajo. Mira como Arnold explica y tú ya puedes explicar igual en inglés!
Pon toda tu atención en lo que sabes y entiendes de lo que dice.

[2:03] The first exercise I’m gonna show you is what we call the bench press.
[2:13] You let it down the weight to the chest and you press it up
[2:18] develops the chest muscles, the pectoral muscles. You do around 10 repetitions with light weight just to warm up and you do it five times.
[2:35] You can do it on the floor, that’s the great thing about this exercise, you can do it at home. OK, just let it down slowly and press it up to my hand. That’s very good! OK, keep going!
[2:57] The next exercise we do after that is what we call a squat or knee bends. You put the weight behind your neck and then you go down.
[3:30] OK come slowly up and slowly down again.
[3:48] OK the dumbbells are very good for arm development, for the biceps.
[3:55] you move them up slowly to your shoulders and down again. And always very slow and concentrate on the muscle you’re training. It’s a very simple exercise.

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