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Our activity options for
Grad Trip 2022 to NYC

Instructions: Invite the group to suggest lodging options from the web by either using the Coda to clip links as you browse, or click the +Add Activity option button to manually paste the links directly into the table below. Remember to add additional details.
← Click for how to clip web links directly with Chrome browsers
1. Search for local things to see, things to do, or tours to take
Note: If right trip isn’t displayed above, make sure you select the right one from before you start adding lodging options.

2. Once you find the job posting page, use the Coda web clipper to automatically add page URL to the ‘Find Activities’ table below. To do this, launch the Coda Web Clipper Chrome extension, then:
* Select the title of this Document, ie. ’Our London trip)’
* Select Table 'Find Activities’
* Select ‘Paste activity info link’ for the ‘Column for URL’ field
* Select the 'Activity’ column for the ‘Column for Bookmark Title’ field

Tip: You can manually change the Bookmark Title directly in the Coda web clipper before you save it into the table.

3. Add additional details like any ratings, price category, addresses, and maps via clipping (or manually copying and pasting) the Google Map link into the ‘Google Map URL’ column.

Add Activity option
Paste activity info link
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Map (auto-generated)
Statue of Liberty
New York, NY 10004
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