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Testimonials from our previous volunteers

Büşra’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:

“During my time in Szécsény, I met many different people from many different cultures. Each one of them brought a different perspective to my life. Most importantly, they brought new, lifelong friendships. I got to experience many different things during the project. And thanks to these experiences, I had the opportunity to discover myself, analyze my strengths and improve all around.”

Ashot’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:

“I decided to apply for this project as I thought I could help the society and gain a lot of new knowledge. Also it is really exciting to live and work with international people, share our culture and find similarities between them. I wanted to try something new and do something valuable for society. I have chosen this project because I love working with children and I wanted to improve both my and their skills”.

Derin’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:

“I am happy I chose this project and to have the opportunity to meet all these beautiful children and young people. The reason why I wanted to volunteer was that I really wanted to do something extra useful. And frankly, my main goal in doing this was to give something back to society”.

Maria’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:


Hi! I am María. I am from Spain 🇪🇸 and I've been volunteering in an ESC long-term volunteering project in Hungary 🇭🇺 since 1st of June as part of the Egyesek team. I’m living in Széscény with the rest of my friends who are also volunteers in a big house. After all this time together, we’ve already become a big family, with plenty of funny moments, games, laughs and love. But also many learnings. During summer, we’ve been enjoying and developing activities in summer camps and youth centers in Nograd county. Now that school has started, we’ve also started having English lessons in different schools in the region trying to make students learn English and have fun by means of non-formal education. Volunteering in ESC is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once. So, if this idea is going around in your head, do not hesitate. Maybe you can be the next volunteer in our group.

Daria’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:

Egyesek gives you the opportunity to organize your own mini-project related to the main idea of Egyesek. Most children and teenagers are very responsive and kind. Just spending time with them is interesting and can make you happy.

There are a lot of things that you can learn - from new different games, to organizing various events; from how to live and work with people from different countries to exploring new places and activities. There is also the opportunity to try yourself in parallel in the media team. Additionally, you will be meeting new people and exploring a new culture. You will have a lot of support from the organization.

However, here is what you shouldn’t expect - days of inactivity and you won't know what you can do. Usually the schedule is always very busy.

You will be living in a calm environment far from the big city, in the evenings it’s quiet and calm here, it’s also safe enough.

Khatia’s Experience as a Nógrád Volunteer:

It is a great honor for me to participate in such a project. You have the opportunity to work with children who need it the most. Give them happiness and at the same time get the same feedback. It is especially important to see how happy and bright-eyed they are waiting for you, how they try to communicate with you despite the language barrier.

Personal development is also an important factor. You have the opportunity to live in a foreign country, share an apartment with volunteers from different countries. Be exposed to many new cultures. You are making a lot of friends.

You have the opportunity to acquire such skills as: leadership, teamwork, taking responsibility.

During the project you have a chance to put your initiatives. You are learning how to organize things before putting it into practice. During this time, you will face many challenges that will help you grow and become stronger than you were before.

And finally, you get a customized certificate (youthpass) that will be useful in the future.
The Storybook of Volunteering
Precious memories from our past volunteers



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