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1. What locations will you be volunteering at?

1) Youth Centers

Ludányhalászi - The volunteers work with 20-30 kids with fewer opportunities and different learning difficulties. They are providing different sports, cooking, dancing, and handcraft activities.

Sóshartyán - 15-20 kids are reached on a weekly basis. The youth center is very small and very poorly equipped. The volunteers and the kids play and do different sports, as well as cooking, dancing, and handcraft activities.

Egyesek’s own youth center - besides of the outreach youth work, volunteers are going to support the every day operation of Egyesek youth center. Volunteers are going to assist and deliver daily activities and also support the leader in the daily maintenance and opening.

2) Schools

Szécsény school - 300 students and 25-30 teachers, raging from grade 1-9. Our target group are students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades (15-20 students once a week). Majority of the students are more privileged with a good family background. The main activity the volunteers provide is teaching English with non-formal methods.

Balassagyarmat Szent Imre High School - The volunteers teach English with non-formal methods, and deliver activities with the aim to improve the students’ social skills, raise awareness, and get them more open to the world. Always having lots of fun! The students are 14 to 18 years old.

Balassagyarmat Szondi high school - Twice a week the volunteers visit classes in a professional school, and teach English with non-formal methods and activities. Students are 15 to 20 years old.

Szécsény school

Balassagyarmat high school

3) Elderly Home (optional)
Around 30 elderly people and 8 staff members. Sessions are once a week helping the elderly home in different ways: physical work, walking, handcraft, and cooking sessions, playing cards and chess.
Elderly Home

2. How will your week look like?

A regular working week is 30-38 working hours, including a language course and meetings, excluding travel time.
The week starts with a weekly kick-off meeting with your coordinator and the youth workers.
There will be preparation for the sessions 2 times a week.
Mostly, the morning activities are in schools, and the afternoon activities are in the youth centers.
You will have individual and group mentoring once a month, and a training/technical day once a month.
Technical day is on the first Monday of the month, and group coaching is on the last Monday of the month
Language learning and individual mentoring are part of the working schedule flexibility
Friday afternoons are usually free after the morning lessons
A typical weeks look like this:

3. What are the main project milestones?

Explore: You will receive an onboarding training after arrival and in April and May you will explore the villages and get to know partners, participate in the first sessions with the Egyesek Youth Workers. It is important that all volunteers explore all the places and tries out all kind of activities.
Practice: During summer (June-August) you will participate in a lot of summer camps in the youth centers, villages and provide support for Egyesek other programs
Grow and Develop: In September the schools restart and you will focus more on youth centers daily support
Evaluation: In the last month of the project you will reflect on the achievement, say goodbye for children and partners, fill your YouthPass and prepare for handover.


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