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June 2020 Hybrid Workout Calendar (Blogilates + YWA + TFM)

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The June 2020 Hybrid Workout Calendar

Use this doc to keep track of your workouts!
This calendar is a mashup of content from a few different fitness personalities on YouTubeーnamely, Blogilates, Yoga with Adriene, and The Fitness Marshall. Feel free to follow my version as is, or copy it and make your own to suit your likes/dislikes and schedule.
Things to Note....
I am NOT a fitness trainer, and this is neither an official workout calendar nor curated for difficulty. Use discretion, listen to your body, and STOP/modify/edit the calendar if something isn't working for you. As Adriene would say...."find what feels good."
Not a member of the Fitness Marshall Booty Army Elite? Feel free to do the free on Wednesdays instead of the 60 minute Sweat Session video that he does live every week!

Breakdown by Day...
Mondays: NEW Blogilates video + Blogilates total body + Yoga with Adriene
Tuesdays: Blogilates butt + Yoga with Adriene
Wednesdays: + Yoga with Adriene video
Thursdays: Blogilates arms + Yoga with Adriene video
Fridays: Blogilates stretching + Yoga with Adriene video
Saturdays: Blogilates legs/thighs + Yoga with Adriene video
Sundays: Blogilates abs + Yoga with Adriene video
For More Info...
Yoga with Adriene June "Courage" Calendar:
Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel:
The Fitness Marshall YouTube channel:
more about the Fitness Marshall subscription/membership:
Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go!

How do I get started?

Click the copy doc button above ↗️ to create your personalized calendar! Then follow these steps:

STEP 1 ー Start with

Don't forget to mark the workout done when you've finished.

STEP 2 ー Track your

Invite your friends and keep them accountable here!
📆 The full calendar is
if you want to look ahead 🤗
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