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Connect your account to see all your data, make your own metrics, and whatever else you can dream up.
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Once you’ve copied the doc and connected your account the 2 sync tables should update.
Your profiles and videos will automatically update daily. If you’re new to Coda, think of these tables similar to how you would a traditional spreadsheet. You can add columns and create custom metrics for example—like I did with Engagement Rate.
For example the Engagement Rate column equals:
(’Like Count’ + ‘Comment Count’ + ‘Share Count’) / ‘View Count’

Feel free to edit these metrics to what matters to you. After all, this is your TikTok dashboard.
⭐ Tip: If you ever need to see TikTok Analytics’ view of your video, you can click the Open TikTok Analytics button to view the specific video’s analytics page in the creator portal.
Connect your profile and use this table to track your profile’s overall performance.
⭐ Total views count will be accurate if you update the date range after copying the doc, more info in the FAQ here:
User Avatar
User Title
User Subtitle
Followers Count
Likes Count
Views Count
User Bio
Bio Link
Creators: The Next Founders
Ambitious creator? 👋 I grow your biz Helping you rethink Making tools for you
There are no rows in this table

Below you can view all of the videos posted to your profile and their performance. You can make custom metrics through simple calculations, like the Engagement Rate, Est. Followers Gained and Engagement Score column.
⭐ Est. Followers gained works with the Snapshot Video and Snapshot Profile tables, so you’ll need data at least over 2 days. So the earlier you connect the better insights you’ll get!
⭐ Engagement score is a metric designed to helps you optimize for videos with a higher engagement rate and long duration.
Cover Image
Create Time
Share Url
Engagement Rate
Engagement Score
Est. Followers Gained
TikTok Analytics
No videos synced yet.

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